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What is Restorative Mobility Science?

  •  Restorative Mobility Science is the clinical approach to heal troubled issues extremely fast. The mental clarity and emotional control offers a calm state after the therapy for long lasting results.

  • Cutting edge neuromuscular therapy crafted to stimulate the renewal of the nerves system, increase the body blood flow, and strengthen & lengthen muscles. Separating fascia from internal organs to release the anatomical location for repair of the fascia, tissue, nerve & muscle is primary. 

  •  A wide range of modalities & health options are offered with advanced techniques to increase body mechanics and decompress joint.

This is your first step to having a pain free life.

To make a appointment please tex your name, time & day that works best for you at 416-368-4560 thank you for your time and thank you for choosing West Coast Hands.